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Offering distinctive, unique art & illustration for print and pattern. Produced stylistically by hand and reimagined with computerized skills. Marci B. Designs Studio provides creative inspirations for your product development-on trend, and perhaps a little ahead of the curve. Playfully. Sophisticated. Designs.



Marci B. Designs offers a complete portfolio of both single and pattern collections for apparel and home industries. An offering of distinct and unique designs–playfully, sophisticated.

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Designs and Patterns are available for purchase in the Library. Choose from opportunities to purchase or license designs.

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Latest Trends

Stay in front and tuned in to noted trends. For Commissions, clients receive trends translated into mood boards revealing specifics on color, patterns and prints that are applicable to targeted end products.

Kitchen Inspired

Cooking for Marci is just another creative expression outside the studio. Never a baker, but always working on what she fancies for a great meal. Check out the inspirations for fueling family and friends. And, don’t miss the green spoon award story!


Studio Story

Marci B. Designs is a print studio run by art and marketing professsional, Marci Roesler. There is an influence of strong women in Marci’s DNA, along with an inherited passion and talent focused on the fashion and textile industry. Past generations to present, these women share a common thread for understanding worthy trends, knowing how to produce and merchandise beautiful products, and big love for treasured visual pleasures. The studio offers an expansive variety of designs, inspired by natural elements, art, and current events for apparel and home industries.

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